Kalm Clothing

It’s a new era of Kalm.

What does this look like? What does it feel like? Questions Kalm founder & CEO Kiara Tyler has been repeating for the past few months since the flood happened. Adamant about Kalm not returning until those questions are no more. After spending months redeveloping, those questions now have answers.

Things have never been easy for me so when something goes wrong I’m not really surprised by it. I just pick up & try to be smarter the next go round. One thing I don’t do though, is quit. That’s the one thing that’s always worked in my favor. My resilience. Honestly I think my journey seems so rough because my calling is higher. My talent is design and fashion but that’s not my purpose. I wasn’t put here to just draw clothes. I feel I was put here to inspire, to show people that as long as you don’t stop it’ll start to make sense. Just don’t stop! You don’t need all the fancy resources, you just need the willpower to never quit.

To sum it up, my purpose is to inspire, my talent is designing. From this point forward I’m gonna use my talent to get that messaging across. It's deeper than clothes, it's way deeper than that. And I’m gonna have fun with it this go round”

- Kalm Founder & CEO, Kiara Tyler

In the past 4 ½ years Kalm has learned so many lessons, some easier than others but what we’ve grown to realize is that they’re all a part of the process. This brand was birthed from the trunk of a car and has risen to a level of dominance that will continue to be a force and figurehead in Fashion and in our Culture for years to come. Kalm has always risen above the challenges and made it look good, that’s what makes us Kalm. And as we continue to embody new heights and bigger bags, let us always be inspired through our circumstances. Kalm is the new way, for old and new. It embodies the hustle, the grit. Simply put it speaks to every person that’s trying to Create Beyond Limitations, whatever their limitations may be. And now that we have answers to the previously mentioned questions, we’re excited to roll it all out with you guys, stay tuned, it's gonna be a crazy ride!